Affinity Biologicals Encourages the Use of their New Family Line of VisuLize™ Antigen ELISA Kits in Thrombosis Research

As a leading name in diagnostics and research, Affinity Biologicals continues to manufacture new and innovative products that play an important role to a variety of hemostasis and thrombosis research applications. Their most recent line of VisuLize™ Antigen ELISA Kits are being recognized worldwide as the standard for detecting Factor VIII, Factor IX, Factor XI, and TAFI antigens in human plasma samples.

What is ELISA?

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, or ELISA, is a rapid test and a commonly used laboratory technique that utilizes antibodies and colour changes to measure the concentration of antigens and other substances. Unlike other assays, ELISA is becoming more and more widely used because of the quantitative results that can be achieved.

Upgraded Line of VisuLize™ Antigen ELISA Kits

There have been several improvements made to Affinity Biologicals’ line of ELISA kits to ensure that thrombosis research is more simple and accurate. The following four kits are the newest products available from Affinity Biologicals:

  • Factor VIII Antigen ELISA Kit;
  • VisuLize™ Factor IX Antigen ELISA Kit;
  • VisuLize™ Factor XI ELISA Kit; and
  • VisuLize™ TAFI Antigen ELISA Kit.

ELISA’s Role in Thrombosis Research

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay can be used for a number of different diagnostic and research purposes. Primarily, ELISA kits offers screenings for patients who are suspected to have thrombophilia or Hemophilia A. Both the VisuLize™ FVIII and the VisuLize™ FIX Antigen Kits are FDA-approved and certified by Health Canada as well CE Marked. However, the VisuLize™ TAFI Antigen ELISA Kit and VisuLizeTM FXI Antigen ELISA Kit should only be used for research purposes and never diagnostics.

One research study on Thrombin-activatable fibrinolysis inhibitor (TAFI) used the VisuLize™ TAFI Antigen ELISA Kit to monitor 34pregnant women with gestational diabetes and 50 pregnant women with a normal glucose tolerance. The study found that plasma TAFI antigen levels increased significantly in women who had gestational diabetes than the women who had a normal glucose tolerance. Increased TAFI levels in these pregnant women means that they may face complications while giving birth or their risk of hypercoagulability may rise. The VisuLize™ TAFI allows researchers to conduct studies on thrombosis in order to find future solutions.

Affinity Biologicals Inc. has manufactured over 250 reagents used internationally in the research and diagnosis of hemostasis and thrombosis. Currently, Affinity Biologicals offers a wide range of products from coagulation antibodies, deficient plasmas, antibody sets of ELISA, control plasmas, custom plasmas, and factor inhibitor plasmas. To learn about any of Affinity Biologicals products, including the new line of VisuLize™ Antigen ELISA Kits, and how they are making a significant impact in the world of hemostasis and thrombotic research, explore their website at


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