Affinity Biologicals Inc. Launches their Factor VII Antigen ELISA kit for Quantitative determination of Factor VII antigen levels in human plasma for use in Hemostasis and thrombosis research.

Factor VII deficiency, more clinically known as congenital Proconvertin deficiency, is a rare hemophilia-like bleeding disorder that is inherited recessively. Although it is possible for an individual suffering from a factor VII deficiency to only experience mild asymptomatic symptoms, the disease is one of the most common rare congenital coagulation disorders and can be the catalyst for life-threatening hemorrhaging in some.

Who is at Risk for Congenital Proconvertin Deficiency?

Affecting 1 in 500,000, congenital Proconvertin deficiency can be found in both men and women. Unlike other bleeding disorders, such as hemophilia A, factor VII deficiency is not a sex-linked disease and is inherited upon birth from parent carriers. Although 1 in every 1000 people are carriers of the factor VII gene, both parents need to be a carrier to pass it down.

What is the Factor VII Antigen?

In general terms, antigens bind to a specific antibodies within the human body to carry out specific reactions within the blood coagulation-hemostasis cascade.  The ability to quantify the amount of Factor VII antigen within human plasma is important for hemostasis research.  Currently, Affinity Biologicals Inc. has launched a new factor VII Antigen ELISA kit similar to their other factor VIII antigen, factor IX antigen, and factor XI antigen kits. Right now the factor VII complete ELISA kit is intended for research use only and should not be used for diagnostic purposes.

What Other Related Products Does Affinity Biologicals Inc. Offer?

Affinity Biologicals Inc. currently has over 250 reagents that are used in hemostasis and thrombosis research and diagnosis. In addition to the factor VII Antigen ELISA kit, Affinity Biologicals Inc. also manufactures and distributes a large line of other related products including FVII-DP Human plasma deficient in Factor VII, the FRDP07 VisuCon™-F Frozen Factor VII Deficient Plasma, INH7-DP Frozen Factor VII Inhibitor Plasma, and INH7-LDP Lyophilized Factor VII Inhibitor Plasma, sheep anti-human F7 polyclonal antibodies and FVII-EIA Factor VII paired antibody set for ELISA.

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