Affinity Biologicals Inc. Suggests Polyclonal Coagulation Antibodies over Monoclonal Coagulation Antibodies for Quantitative Research

For over 28 years, Affinity Biologicals Inc. has been producing a diverse number of products for research and diagnostic purposes. Today, Affinity Biologicals Inc. has a competitive number of different reagents including the widest range of high quality monoclonal and polyclonal coagulation antibodies. Affinity Biologicals Inc. recommends polyclonal antibodies in quantitative research due to their advantages over the monoclonal alternative.

Not only do polyclonal coagulation antibodies cost less and perform better than monoclonals, but they are also easier to produce and do not require complex technology and research to use. Customers can also purchase these polyclonal antibodies in a number of different concentrations/formats including Whole IgG, Affinity-Purified IgG, Enzyme Labeled IgG.

In addition, Affinity Biologicals Inc. also offers a number of coagulation antibody products such as:

  • Fibrinogen (Fg)
  • Factor II, Prothrombin
  • Factor V, F5
  • Factor VII, F7
  • Factor VIII, F8
  • Factor IX, F9
  • Factor X, F10
  • Factor XI, F11
  • Factor XII, F12
  • Factor XIII, F13
  • Protein C
  • Plasminogen
  • Antithrombin (ATIII)
  • Beta-2 Glycoprotein 1, APOH
  • Protein S
  • Tissue Factor

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About Affinity Biologicals Inc.

Affinity Biologicals is a renowned name associated with the medical research and diagnostics industry since 1987. The company has manufactured over 250 reagents used internationally in the research and diagnostics of hemostasis and thrombosis to date. The product range of Affinity Biologicals include coagulation antibodies, deficient plasmas, antibody sets of ELISA, control plasmas, custom plasmas, and factor inhibitor plasmas.

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