thrombosis-researchSignificant New Innovations by Affinity Biologicals Promise to Greatly Extended Assay Sensitivity and ELISA’s Range Of Capabilities! Affinity Biologicals, a leading manufacturer of hemostasis and thrombosis research and diagnostics related products, recently announced a brand new line up of ELISA Kits to compliment its repertoire of research products. Known as the VisuLize™ Antigen kits, these ELISA kits are quickly becoming the industry standard for the quantitative detection of Factor VIII, Factor IX, Factor XI and TAFI antigens in human plasma samples. Enzyme-linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA), sometimes also called Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA), has been a part and parcel of analyte detection for research purposes for over 4 decades. The format has changed considerably over this time as ELISAs evolve resulting in significant assay improvements and better, more dependable results. The most recent addition to ELISA kits by Affinity Biologicals promises to take traditional ELISA kits to new heights by giving researchers the capability to determine a number of different antigens in human plasma samples using the double antibody enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay. The ELISA kits offered by Affinity Biologicals include:

  • Factor VIII Antigen ELISA Kit.
  • VisuLize™ Factor IX Antigen ELISA Kit
  • VisuLize™ Factor XI ELISA Kit
  • VisuLize™ TAFI Antigen ELISA Kit

These ELISA kits can be used in a variety of ways. However, their primary uses include quantification of FVIII in plasma and therapeutic concentrates, diagnosis and characterization and carrier testing of Hemophilia A and thrombophilia screening. The immunoassay landscape is rapidly changing and the development of these new platforms promises to have a significant impact on the way research is carried out, significantly enhancing the sensitivity of traditional ELISA kits to higher levels.

About Affinity Biologicals Inc

Affinity Biologicals is a renowned name associated with the medical research and diagnostics industry since 1987. The company has manufactured over 250 reagents used internationally in the research and diagnostics of hemostasis and thrombosis to date. The product range of Affinity Biologicals include coagulation antibodies, deficient plasmas, antibody sets of ELISA, control plasmas, custom plasmas, and factor inhibitor plasmas.

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