Antibodies to Alpha 2-Antiplasmin

Alpha 2 -Antiplasmin, human

Antibody Host Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
purified IgG Goat GA2AP-IG 5 mg
affinity purified IgG Goat GA2AP-AP 0.5 mg
peroxidase conjugated IgG Goat GA2AP-HRP 0.2 mg
purified IgG Sheep SA2AP-IG 10 mg

Description of Alpha 2-Antiplasmin

Alpha 2-Antiplasmin (α2AP), also known as Alpha 2-Plasmin Inhibitor (α2PI), is a member of the SERPIN family of proteinase inhibitors and the primary inhibitor of the enzyme plasmin in blood. It is produced in the liver and circulates in plasma at ~70 μg/ml (~1 μM). α2AP is a single chain molecule with a mass of 67 kDa as determined by SDS-PAGE. The primary target enzyme for α2AP is plasmin, but α2AP also acts as secondary or “backup” inhibitor of activated FXI, activated Protein C and trypsin. Inhibition of these enzymes by α2AP occurs through proteolytic cleavage after Arg364 with subsequent rapid formation of a stable, inactive 1:1 enzyme-α2AP complex. α2AP also acts to regulate fibrinolysis by binding to the lysine binding sites on plasminogen thus competitively inhibiting plasminogen binding to fibrin. About 30% of α2AP present in plasma is partially degraded and lacks a peptide in the carboxyl region that contains the plasminogen-binding site. This form of α2AP (~65 kDa) has a reduced rate of plasmin inhibition and has been referred to as the “slow form” of α2AP. During fibrin formation, a portion of circulating α2AP is cross-linked to the α-chain of fibrin by activated factor XIII, and this linking of plasmin inhibitor to the plasmin substrate provides an additional measure of protection to the fibrin clot from proteolysis by plasmin1-4.


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