Alpha1-Antitrypsin – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


Identification and characterization of α1‐antitrypsin in fibrin clots

S Talens, JJMC Malfliet, PTW Hal, FWG Leebeek… – Journal of Thrombosis and …, 2013
ELISAs A1AT concentrations were determined using a matched-pair antibody set for ELISA of human A1AT and a protocol from Affinity Biologicals. Purified A1AT was used for calibration. human fibrinogen and a protocol from Affinity Biologicals. Purified fibrinogen was used for


Comparison of Modified Chandler, Roller Pump, and Ball Valve Circulation Models for In Vitro Testing in High Blood Flow Conditions: Application in Thrombogenicity …

W van Oeveren, IF Tielliu… – International Journal of Biomaterials, 2012

stable complex. Elastase was determined by ELISA by means of capture antibody against human elastase and labelled detection antibody against alpha1 antitrypsin (Affinity Biologicals, Ontario, Canada). Complement activation


CS Buhimschi… – US Patent App. 20,100/ …, 2006 –
Known antibodies that may be useful in methods of the invention include, but are not limited to antibodies that specifically bind serpina-1 polypeptides such as A1AT antibody (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Canada) and antibodies that specifically bind albumin polypeptides.