Antithrombin-ATIII and Heparin Cofactor II-HCII Deficient Plasma

Antithrombin and Heparin Cofactor II Deficient Plasma

Affinity’s ATIII/HCII Deficient Plasma is manufactured from pooled normal human plasma depleted of ATIII/HCII using antibodies directed to ATIII/HCII complex. Only the highest quality citrated plasma is used as starting material. Our Deficient Plasma products are typically buffered with the addition of HEPES to 20mM final concentration.

All ATIII/HCII Deficient Plasma from Affinity Biologicals are for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications.

Product Format Catalogue No. Retail Size Bulk Quantities Available
ATIII/HCII Deficient Plasma Frozen ATHC-DP 1 ml √
ATIII/HCII Deficient Plasma Lyophilized ATHC-LDP 1 ml √