Beta-2 Glycoprotien or APO-H Deficient Plasma

Beta-2 Glycoprotien or APO-H, Apolipoprotien-H Deficient Plasma

Affinity’s APO-H Deficient Plasma is manufactured from pooled normal human plasma depleted of APO-H using antibodies directed to both APO-H. Only the highest quality citrated plasma is used as starting material. Our Deficient Plasma products are typically buffered with the addition of HEPES to 20mM final concentration.

All APO-H Deficient Plasma from Affinity Biologicals are for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications.

Product Format Catalogue No. Retail Size Bulk Quantities Available
APO-H Deficient Plasma Frozen APOH-DP 1 ml √
APO-H Deficient Plasma Lyophilized APOH-LDP 1 ml √