Buffer Pak – ELISA Accessory Set

Affinity Biologicals manufactures two unique products that complement our matched-pair antibody sets for ELISA. The VisuLize Buffer Pak and VisuCal Antigen Calibrator Plasma are designed to assist in the standardization and optimization of immunoassays, saving you time and increasing consistency. Our Buffer Pak – ELISA accessory set consists of assay plates, general purpose buffers and materials for the preparation and performance of ELISA assays. This Buffer Pak – ELISA accessory set provides sufficient reagents for 5 x 96 well assays.

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Product Features:

The components of the VisuLize Buffer Pak can be used in the development of in-house immunoassays and are especially suited for use with many of the Affinity Biologicals matched-pair sets for ELISA.

Using the VisuLize Buffer Pak and Affinity Biologicals Matched-Pair Antibody Sets together is a cost effective way to reduce the cost of purchasing single plate ELISA kits.

The VisuLize Buffer Pak is compatible with the following matched pair-pair sets for ELISA:


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