Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR’s)

For our U.S. Customers, we are pleased to provide the following antibodies as Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs) for use as diagnostic reagents in hemostasis and thrombosis research.

Product DescriptionHostCatalogue No.Size
Sheep anti-human Factor VII affinity purified IgGSheepSAFVII-AP-ASR0.5mg vial
Sheep anti-humnan Factor VII peroxidase conjugated IgGSheepSAFVII-HRP-ASR0.2mg vial
Sheep anti-human Factor VIII:C peroxidase conjugated IgGSheepSAF8C-HRP-ASR0.2mg vial
Goat anti-human vWF purified IgGGoatGAVWF-IG-ASR2.5mg vial
Goat anti-human vWF peroxidase conjuugated IgGGoatGAVWF-HRP-ASR0.15mg vial
Sheep anti-human Factor XIII purified IgGSheepSAFXIII-IG-ASR10mg vial
Goat anti-human Protein C purified IgGGoatGAPC-IG-ASR5mg vial
Goat anti-human Protein S purified IgGGoatGAPS-IG-ASR5mg vial
Goat anti-human Plasminogen affinity purified IgGGoatGAPG-AP-ASR0.5mg vial

Affinity would be pleased to quote on your organization’s Analyte Specific Reagent – ARR needs.  Let our extensive technical and manufacturing experience provide value and a competitive price to your project. All inquiries are confidential.

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