Antigen Calibrator Plasma

Affinity Biologicals manufactures two unique products that complement our matched-pair antibody sets for ELISA. The VisuCal Antigen Calibrator Plasma and VisuLize Buffer Pak are designed to assist in the standardization and optimization of immunoassays, saving you time and increasing consistency. Our Antigen Calibrator Plasma is a lyophilized, citrated reference plasma intended for use in the calibration of Research Use Only antigen assays for Factor II, Factor VII, Factor X, Factor XI, Factor XIII, Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin, von Willebrand Factor and Fibrinogen.

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Product Features:

Lyophilized plasma prepared from a pool of at least 20 normal donors.
Antigen values reported in U/mL and traceable to SSC/ISTH Coagulation Standard.
Antigen values have been assigned for: 

Don’t forget your Controls…

Don’t see the Deficient Plasma or Control Plasma you need for your project?

Visit our Custom Plasma Manufacturing page to see the various types of Deficient Plasma and Controls we can offer:  Double, Triple or Quadruple Deficient Plasmas and Specialized Spiked Plasmas for use as positive controls.

Custom Plasma Manufacturing