Coagulation Control Plasmas

Coagulation or Hemostasis Quality Control and Calibration Plasmas are essential components of diagnostic, research and industrial laboratories where coagulation assays are performed. To ensure accurate results, consistency and reliability of all reagents is critical. Affinity Biologicals is widely recognized as a manufacturer of quality factor deficient plasmas and with the VisuCal-F and VisuCon-F plasmas we apply our knowledge and experience to a group of coagulation or hemostasis control plasma products specifically designed for your laboratory.

VisuCon Normal Control Plasmas VisuCon Abnormal Control Plasmas VisuCal Calibrator Plasma
Low Fibrinogen Control Plasma VisuCon Normal Donor Set Custom Control Plasmas
Affinity Biologicals IVD Control Plasmas

VisuConâ„¢-F and VisuCal-F Control and Calibrator Plasmas, compatible with all Coagulation Analyzers

Coagulation Laboratory Essentials Flyer

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