Coagulation – Hemostasis Quality Control Plasmas

Coagulation – Hemostasis Quality Control Plasmas are essential components of Diagnostic, Research and Industrial Laboratories where Coagulation Assays are performed.  To ensure accurate results, consistency and reliability of all reagents is critical.  Affinity Biologicals is widely recognized as a manufacturer of high quality Hemostasis Control Plasmas.  We have applied our manufacturing knowledge and experience to produce our VisuCon, and VisuCal line of coagulation – hemostasis quality control plasmas products designed specifically for your laboratory.

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Affinity offers a full range of Quality Control Plasmas for Specialized Coagulation/Hemostasis Laboratories

Quality Control Plasma Listing

Normal Control PlasmasFormatProduct Description
VisuCon-F Normal Control PlasmaFrozenFully assayed frozen normal control plasma (Canada, EU* and USA)
VisuCon-F Unassayed Normal Control PlasmaFrozenUnassayed frozen normal pooled plasma (Canada & EU*)
VisuCon-F Frozen Coag Screen NFrozenUnassayed frozen normal pooled plasma (USA only)
VisuCon-L Coag Screen NLyophilizedLevel 1 - routine normal control (Canada, EU* and USA)

Abnormal Control Plasmas  
VisuCon-F Abnormal Control PlasmaFrozenFully assayed frozen abnormal control plasma (Canada, EU* and USA)
VisuCon-F Unassayed Abnormal Control PlasmaFrozenUnassayed frozen abnormal pooled plasma (Canada & EU)
VisuCon-F Frozen Coag Screen ABN1FrozenUnassayed frozen abnormal pooled plasma (USA only)
VisuCon-L Coag Screen ABN1LyophilizedLevel 2 - routine mid-level abnormal control (Canada, EU* and USA)
VisuCon-L Coag Screen ABN2LyophilizedLevel 3 - routine high-level abnormal control (Canada, EU* and USA)

Calibrator Plasma  
VisuCal-F Calibrator PlasmaFrozenFully assayed frozen normal reference calibrator plasma (Canada, EU* and USA)

Fibrinogen Control Plasma  
VisuCon-F Low Fibrinogen Control PlasmaFrozenRoutine abnormal fibrinogen control plasma (Canada, EU* and USA)

Donor Set  
VisuCon-F Normal Donor SetFrozen25 individual donor plasmas (Research Use Only RUO)
*Select EU Countries are: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and UK

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Visit our Custom Plasma Manufacturing page to see the various types of Deficient Plasma, Control Plasma and Calibrator Plasma we can offer:  Double, Triple or Quadruple Deficient Plasma and specialized Spiked Plasma for use as positive controls.

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