Coagulation – Hemostasis ELISA Kits

The VisuLize Antigen kits are a family of Coagualtion – Hemostasis ELISA Kits for the quantitative determination of Factor VII (F7), Factor VIII (F8), Factor IX (F9), Factor X (FX), Factor XI (F11) and TAFI antigens in human plasma samples using the double antibody enzyme linked immuno-sorbent assay (ELISA).

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Description Catalogue NoSize
Factor VII ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of FVII:Ag in human plasmaFVII-AG1 plate
Factor VIII ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of FVIII:Ag in human plasmaFVIII-AG1 plate
Factor IX ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of FIX:Ag in human plasmaFIX-AG1 plate
Factor X ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of FX:Ag in human plasmaFX-AG1 plate
Factor XI ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of FXI:Ag in human plasmaFXI-AG1 plate
TAFI Antigen ELISA KitComplete ELISA Kit for determination of TAFI:Ag in human plasmaTAFI-AG1 plate


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