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Coagulation Factor Inhibitor Plasmas

Coagulation Factor Inhibitor Plasmas are artificially produced by the addition of heterologous neutralizing antibodies to factor deficient plasmas.  The neutralizing antibody activity is determined by Nijmegen-modified Bethesda Inhibitor Assay and values are reported in BU/ml.  Our Inhibitor Plasmas are produced to one or more inhibitor categories: mild (1-10BU/ml), moderate (>10-50BU/ml) and strong (>50-200BU/ml).  Though Inhibitor Plasmas can be produced to specific potencies, and for frozen, in any volume range, not all potencies are available for all factors.  Please inquiry.  These products are intended for research use only and are not to be used in diagnostic applications.

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Advantages to using Factor Inhibitor Plasmas

 Availability – An economical and reliable alternative to human source material that can be difficult to obtain.
 Activity – Factor Inhibitor Plasmas are produced in one or more inhibitor activity categories – Mild (1-10BU/ml), Moderate (>10-50BU/ml) and Severe (>50-200BU/ml).
 Consistency – Using antibodies of known neutralizing activity and factor deficient plasma, much greater control of potency between production lots is achieved.
 Safety – Produced from normal plasma tested at source and found negative for HCV, HIV and HBV.  In contrast, clinically derived samples are inherently high risk samples.
 Custom – For special applications our Factor Inhibitor Plasmas can be produced to specific potencies in any volume range, please inquire.

Factor Inhibitor Plasma

These Factor Inhibitor Plasmas are for Research Use Only and must not be used in diagnostic applications.

Factor Inhibitor Plasma – Listing

Factor Inhibitor Plasma TypeTitre AvailableFormatCatalogue No.Size
Factor II Inhibitor PlasmaMildFrozenINH2-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor V Inhibitor PlasmaMildFrozenINH5-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor VII Inhibitor PlasmaMild, Moderate, SevereFrozenINH7-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor VIII Inhibitor PlasmaMild, Moderate, SevereFrozenINH8-DP1ml vial or bulk
Mild, Moderate, SevereLyophlizedINH8-LDP1ml
Factor IX Inhibitor PlasmaMildFrozenINH9-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor X Inhibitor PlasmaMild, Moderate, SevereFrozenINH10-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor XI Inhibitor PlasmaMild, Moderate, SevereFrozenINH11-DP1ml vial or bulk
Factor XII Inhibitor PlasmaMildFrozenINH12-DP1ml vial or bulk

Individual Factor Inhibitor Plasma – Listing