Factor Inhibitor Plasmas – FVIII, FIX Inhibitor Assay

Factor Inhibitor Plasmas (Frozen or Lyophilized)

Factor Inhibitor Plasmas (FIPs) are produced from normal human plasmas from which specific factors have been removed by selective affinity immuno-adsorption and an antibody inhibitory to the specific factor is added to provide neutralizing activity. These products can be used as a substitute for plasmas from patients that have developed neutralizing antibodies to coagulation factors and can be used as positive controls in factor inhibitor assays.  Factor VIII Inhibitor Plasmas are measured in Bethesda Units and available in frozen or lyophilized formats.


Availability: FIPs are an economical and reliable alternative to human clinical source material that can be very difficult to obtain. Even samples from extremely rare conditions can be emulated in this way. FIPs are available in volumes ranging from 1 mL vials up to bulk volumes.

Activity: FIPs from Affinity are produced to one or more inhibitor activity categories;

mild (1-10 BU/mL)

moderate (>10-50 BU/mL)

strong (>50-200 BU/mL)

The inhibitor potency is measured by standard Bethesda activity assay.

Consistency: Using antibodies of known neutralizing activity and factor-deficient plasma, much greater control of potency between lots is achieved.

Safety: FIPs are made from normal plasma tested at source and found negative for HCV, HIV and HBV. In contrast, clinically derived samples are inherently high risk samples.

Custom Specifications: For special applications, FIPs can be produced to specific potencies in any volume range. Please inquire.


These products are for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications.

Coagulation Factor Inhibitor Plasmas Frozen Format Lyophilized Format Mild Moderate Strong
Factor II Inhibitor Plasma INH2-DP INH2-LDP * N/A N/A
Factor V Inhibitor Plasma INH5-DP INH5-LDP * N/A N/A
Factor VII Inhibitor Plasma INH7-DP INH7-LDP * * *
Factor VIII Inhibitor Plasma INH8-DP INH8-LDP * * *
Factor IX Inhibitor Plasma INH9-DP INH9-LDP * N/A N/A
Factor X Inhibitor Plasma INH10-DP INH10-LDP * * *
Factor XI Inhibitor Plasma INH11-DP INH11-LDP * * *
Factor XII Inhibitor Plasma INH12-DP INH12-LDP * N/A N/A