Factor Deficient Plasma

Frozen Factor Deficient Plasmas

Factor Deficient Plasma - Affinity Biologicals

Factor Deficient Plasmas for all Coagulation Factors

Affinity’s deficient plasmas are normal human plasmas from which target proteins have been removed by selective affinity immuno-adsorption unless otherwise indicated (*). Only the highest quality citrated plasma is used as starting material and in many cases the parent plasma is available as control material. Plasma products are typically buffered with the addition of HEPES to 20mM final concentration.

All Factor Deficient Plasmas from Affinity Biologicals are for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications.

Product Catalogue No. Retail Size Bulk Quantities Available
Fibrinogen Deficient Plasma¹ FG-DP 1 ml yes
Factor II Deficient Plasma² FII-DP 1 mL yes
Factor V Deficient Plasma² FV-DP 1 ml yes
Factor VII Deficient Plasma² FVII-DP 1 ml yes
Factor VIII Deficient Plasma² FVIII-DP 1 ml yes
von Willebrand Factor Deficient Plasma VWF-DP 1 ml yes
Factor IX Deficient Plasma² FIX-DP 1 ml yes
Factor X Deficient Plasma² FX-DP 1 ml yes
Factor XI Deficient Plasma² FXI-DP 1 ml yes
Factor XII Deficient Plasma² FXII-DP 1 ml yes
Factor XIII Deficient Plasma FXIII-DP 1 ml yes
Prekallikrein Deficient Plasma PK-DP 1 ml yes
Kininogen Deficient Plasma KN-DP 1 ml yes
Protein C Deficient Plasma PC-DP 1 ml yes
Protein S Deficient Plasma PS-DP 1 ml yes
Plasminogen Deficient Plasma PG-DP 1 ml yes
TAFI Deficient Plasma TAFI-DP 1 ml yes
Antithrombin Deficient Plasma ATIII-DP 1 ml yes
Antithrombin/Heparin Cofactor II Deficient Plasma ATHC-DP 1 ml yes
Heparin Cofactor II Deficient Plasma HCII-DP 1 ml yes
PAI-1 Deficient Plasma PAI-DP 1 ml yes
tPA/PAI-1 Deficient Plasma TPA/PAI-DP 1 ml yes
tPA Deficient Plasma TPA-DP 1 ml yes
alpha-2-Antiplasmin Deficient Plasma A2AP-DP 1 ml yes
Protein C Inhibitor Deficient Plasma PCI-DP 1 ml yes
beta-2-Glycoprotein-1 (Apolipoprotein-H, APO-H) APOH-DP 1 ml yes
  ¹Defibrinated under controlled conditions using purified human thrombin. ²Retail 1mL sizes not available in Canada and most CE mark countries, VisuDep-F Frozen Deficient Plasmas must be substituted.