Analyte Specific Reagents (ASR’s)

Antibodies – ASR’s

For our U.S. Customers, we are pleased to provide the following antibodies as Analyte Specific Reagents (ASRs) for use as diagnostic reagents in hemostasis and thrombosis research.  
For Determination of: Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
Sheep anti-human Factor VII affinity purified IgG SAFVII-AP-ASR 0.5 mg
Sheep anti-human Factor VII peroxidase conjugated IgG SAFVII-HRP-ASR 0.2 mg
Sheep anti-human Factor VIII:C peroxidase conjugated IgG SAF8C-HRP-ASR 0.2 mg
Goat anti-human von Willebrand Factor purified IgG GAVWF-IG-ASR 2.5 mg
Goat anti-human von Willebrand Factor peroxidase conj. IgG GAVWF-HRP-ASR 0.15 mg
Sheep anti-human Factor XIII purified IgG SAFXIII-IG-ASR 10 mg
Goat anti-human Protein C purified IgG GAPC-IG-ASR 5 mg
Goat anti-human Protein S purified IgG GAPS-IG-ASR 5 mg
Goat anti-human Plasminogen affinity purified IgG GAPG-AP-ASR 0.5 mg