Ancaster, ON – As a provincially licensed research facility, a large portion of Affinity Biological Inc.’s work involves purifying proteins and developing assays. Currently, they manufacture 2 types of antibodies for research applications: polyclonals and monoclonals.

Typically, laboratories choose polyclonal antibodies over monoclonal antibodies because over their wide range of benefits. However, the main advantage of polyclonals is that they can recognize multiple epitopes on any 1 antigen. Other advantages include that they are easier to produce, cost-effective, and don’t require advanced equipment to setup. Monoclonals, on the other hand, are expensive, complicated to use, and take a long time to complete.

Currently, Affinity Biologicals Inc. offers both polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies that were raised in sheep and goats. To learn more about the difference between polyclonal vs monoclonal antibodies or to view any of the products that are available for purchase from Affinity Biological Inc., visit their website today at

About Affinity Biologicals Inc.

Affinity Biologicals is a renowned name associated with the medical research and diagnostics industry since 1987. The company has manufactured over 250 reagents used internationally in the research and diagnostics of hemostasis and thrombosis to date. The product range of Affinity Biologicals include coagulation antibodies, deficient plasmas, antibody sets of ELISA, control plasmas, custom plasmas, and factor inhibitor plasmas.

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