Factor VII – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


Unifying the mechanism of recombinant FVIIa action: dose-dependence is regulated differently by tissue factor and phospholipids.

AM Shibeko, SA Woodle… – 2012

Materials and methods Human congenital FVII- or FVIII-deficient plasma was from HRF, Inc (Durham, NC). Immunodepleted FVII and FVIII double-deficient plasma was from Affinity Biologicals (Ontario, Canada). Recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) was from Novo Nordisk


AAV-mediated gene transfer in the perinatal period results in expression of FVII at levels that protect against fatal spontaneous haemorrhage

C Binny, J McIntosh, M Della Peruta, H Kymalainen… – 2011
.secondary antibody was a sheep anti- human FVII polyclonal antibody (Affinity Biologicals, Product No. SAFVII-HRP). Binding was visualized using OPD substrate, reading absorbance at 490 nm. Standards

Relationships of plasma factor VIIa-antithrombin complexes to manifest and future cardiovascular disease

A Silveira, D Scanavini, S Boquist, CG Ericsson… – Thrombosis Research, 2011
The First International Standard VIIa Concentrate (National Institute for Biological Standards and Control, Hertfordshire, UK) was used as calibrator. Total factor VII in plasma was determined as VIIag, in a sandwich ELISA with antibodies from Affinity Biologicals Inc.


M Pinotti, D Balestra, L Rizzotto… – …, 2009 – bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org
FVII protein levels in medium were measured by a commercially available enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit (FVII-EIA; Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON).