Factor Deficient Plasmas

Factor Deficient or Factor Depleted Plasmas

factor deficient plasma from affinity biologicals

Factor Deficient Plasma – Frozen and Lyophilized formats available in retail and bulk aliquots


Affinity Biologicals is a leading manufacturer of factor deficient or factor depleted plasmas.  Our deficient or depleted plasmas are prepared from screened normal citrated human plasmas that have been tested and found negative for HIV and Hepatitis by FDA-approved methods. Our manufacturing process allows us to deplete plasma of specific target proteins by selective affinity immuno-adsorption, leaving other coagulation proteins intact.

Affinity manufactures the following deficient plasmas: Fibrinogen, Factor II*, Factor V*, Factor VII*, Factor VIII*, vWF, Factor IX*, Factor X*, Factor XI*, Factor XII*, Factor XIII, Protein C, Protein S, ATIII, tPA, PAI-1, Prekallikrein, Plasminogen, Kininogen, Apolipoprotein H (APO-H), TAFI, Alpha-2 Antiplamin and Heparin Cofactor II.  Factors II through XII are available as VisuDep-F Frozen Deficient Plasma which are CE Marked and Health Canada approved for use as diagnostic substrate plasmas in coagulation assays.

The benefits of deficient or depleted plasmas include:

A reduced risk in viral exposure relative to plasmas sourced from patients with congenital factor deficiencies.

Stringent manufacturing controls to ensure consistent, high quality factor deficient plasmas. 

All of our research use only factor deficient and esoteric plasma products are available in aliquots ranging from 1ml retail vials to bulk quantities.  The VisuDep-F diagnostic deficient plasmas are sold in 5x1ml or 25x1ml boxes.  
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