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Factor Deficient Plasma

Affinity Biologicals is a leading manufacturer of frozen factor deficient plasma for use as diagnostic substrate plasmas in coagulation factor activity assays.  Our factor deficient plasma products are cleared for diagnostic use in Canada and select European countries.  Affinity’s manufacturing process depletes human plasma of specific target protein by selective immuno-adsorbtion, leaving other coagulation proteins intact.  

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Deficient Plasma TypeCatalogue No.Size
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor II Deficient PlasmaFRDP02012525x1ml box
FRDP0201055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor V Deficient PlasmaFRDP05012525x1ml box
FRDP0501055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor VII Deficient PlasmaFRDP07012525x1ml box
FRDP0701055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor VIII Deficient PlasmaFRDP08012525x1ml box
FRDP0801055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor IX Deficient PlasmaFRDP09012525x1ml box
FRDP0901055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor X Deficient PlasmaFRDP10012525x1ml box
FRDP1001055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor XI Deficient PlasmaFRDP11012525x1ml box
FRDP1101055x1ml box
VisuDep-F Frozen Factor XII Deficient PlasmaFRDP12012525x1ml box
FRDP1201055x1ml box

All of our VisuDep-F Frozen Factor Deficient Plasma products are cleared for in vitro Diagnostic use by Health Canada and CE marked.  They are available for sale in Canada and select European countries, not available in the United States.

Don’t forget your Controls…

Don’t see the Deficient Plasma or Control Plasma you need for your project?

Visit our Custom Plasma Manufacturing page to see the various types of Deficient Plasma and Controls we can offer:  Double, Triple or Quadruple Deficient Plasmas and Specialized Spiked Plasmas for use as positive controls.

Custom Plasma Manufacturing