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Frozen Calibrator – Reference Plasma

The VisuCal-F Frozen Calibrator Plasma is intended for use in the calibration of coagulation and fibrinolysis assays. It is an assayed normal reference plasma prepared from a pool of citrated human plasma collected from a minimum of 20 donors, buffered with 0.02M HEPES buffer, dispensed and rapidly frozen. This coagulation reagent calibration plasma can be used to construct a reference curve when measuring the following parameters: fibrinogen (Clauss Method), coagulation factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, and XII, antithrombin activity, α2-antiplasmin, plasminogen, Protein C activity and antigen, Protein S activity and total antigen and vonWillebrand Factor antigen and Ristocetin Cofactor.

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Product Features:

Various package sizes offered for each product.

This product is cleared for in vitro Diagnostic use by FDA, Health Canada and CE marked.

Each box of VisuCal-F Frozen Calibrator Plasma contains a lot specific Certificate of Analysis with reference values for each parameter.

Frozen Calibrator Plasmas are easily thawed and compatible with all coagulation analyzing equipment.

Don’t forget your Controls…

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