Factor VIII – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


[HTML] Production of Factor VIII by Human Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells Transplanted in Immunodeficient uPA Mice

ME Fomin, Y Zhou, AI Beyer, J Publicover, JL Baron… – PLOS ONE, 2013
Human FVIII concentration was determined by ELISA using the Matched-Pair Antibody set for the human FVIII antigen following the manufacturer’s protocol (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON, Canada) with the following modifications: The ELISA signal was detected using … 


MG Jacquemin, JR Saint-remy – US Patent 20,130,136,750, 2013
More particularly, this document demonstrates that a sheep polyclonal to Factor VIII (SAF8C-IG, purchased from Affinity Biologicals) induces a self-limiting prolongation of aPTT (the aPTT increased to a maximum of about 65 seconds).

HTML] Relative Stoichiometry And Affinity For Describing Von Willebrand Factor Binding Of Coagulation Factor VIII

E Stein, D Samsel, U Pachmann – 2013
BSA/Tween® washing buffer, the blanks were incubated with TBS; the controls and plasma probes
were incubated with 100 µl of a 3 µg/ml solution of polyclonal Sheep anti-human Factor VIII antibody, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) conjugated (Affinity Biologicals) in blocking


Distinct contribution of human cord blood‐derived endothelial colony forming cells to liver and gut in a fetal sheep model

JA Wood, E Colletti, LE Mead, D Ingram… – Hepatology

following anti-human primary antibodies: CD31, CD34, vWF, cytokeratin-20* (Biogenex, San Ramon, CA); Factor VIII (Affinity Biologicals, Ontario, Can); vimentin*, SMA* (Sigma, St Louis, MO); CD117*, chromogranin A (Abcam Cambridge, MA); CD133* (Novusbio, Littleton,

Unifying the mechanism of recombinant FVIIa action: dose-dependence is regulated differently by tissue factor and phospholipids.

AM Shibeko, SA Woodle… – 2012

Materials and methods Human congenital FVII- or FVIII-deficient plasma was from HRF, Inc (Durham, NC). Immunodepleted FVII and FVIII double-deficient plasma was from Affinity Biologicals (Ontario, Canada). Recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) was from Novo Nordisk


Long-term expression of human coagulation factor VIII in a tolerant mouse model using the phiC31 integrase system

CL Chavez, A Keravala, JN Chu, AP Farruggio… – Human Gene Therapy
manufacturer’s protocol. hFVIII concentration was determined using the Matched-Pair Antibody Set for ELISA of hFVIII antigen, following the manufacturer’s protocol from Affinity Biologicals (Ancaster, Ontario, Canada). FVIII inhibitor antibodies were

Bioengineering of Coagulation Factor VIII for Efficient Expression Through Elimination of a Dispensable Disulfide Loop

SR Selvaraj, AN Scheller, HZ Miao, RJ Kaufman… – Journal of Thrombosis and …, 2011
were purchased from Gibco BRL (Gaithersburg, MD). COAMATIC was purchased from DiaPharma (West Chester, OH). F8C-EIA was purchased from Affinity Biologicals Inc. Page 6. (ON, Canada). FuGENE-6 transfection reagent and restriction enzymes were purchased

von Willebrand Disease in Children: Diagnosis and Management of a Pediatric Cohort in One Single Center in Argentina

M Bonduel, JP Frontroth, M Hepner, G Sciuccati… – Semin Thromb Hemost, 2011
horseradish peroxidase conjugated antibody against FVIII (SAF8C-HRP; Affinity Biologicals, Ontario, Canada) for detection.

Cleavage of von Willebrand Factor by Granzyme M Destroys Its Factor VIII Binding Capacity

MJ Hollestelle, KW Lai, M van Deuren, PJ Lenting… – PLoS ONE, 2011
Samples were resolved in Laemmli sample buffer and subjected to SDS-PAGE (7.5%) and Western blotting, using polyclonal antibodies against VWF (Dako Glostrup, Denmark) and FVIII (Affinity Biologicals NC). Plasma measurements in patients with meningococcal disease.

p. Tyr365Cys change in factor VIII: haemophilia A, but not as we know it

AE Bowyer, A Goodeve, R Liesner, AD Mumford… – British Journal of Haematology
All clotting and chromogenic tests were performed on Sysmex CA7000 or CA1500 instrumentation (Kobe, Japan). FVIII antigen (FVIII:Ag) was determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay with the Visualize FVIII antigen kit (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON, Canada).

MP Kolind, PL Norby, MW Berchtold… – Journal of biotechnology, 2011 – Elsevier
Paisley, UK), MTX (Wyeth, Taplow, UK), HiSpeed plasmid Maxi kit (Qiagen, Hilden, Germany), restriction enzymes (New England Biolabs, Hitchin, UK), pTT5 vector (National Research Council, Montreal, Canada), F8C-EIA FVIII ELISA kit (Affinity Biologicals, ON, Canada


VR Arruda, HH Stedman, V Haurigot… – …, 2010 – bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org
determined as previously described. 27 Canine FIX (cFIX) antigen concentration was
determined by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) using matched-pair
antibodies to cFIX (Affinity Biologicals). FIX clotting activity was

TK Greene, C Wang, JD Hirsch… – …, 2010 – bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org
supernatant. Percent positive cells for hF8 were determined using a sheep polyclonal
anti-hF8 fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC)–labeled antibody (Affinity Biologicals) and
flow cytometry after intracellular fixation and permeabilization. ..

I Liao – Biomaterials, 2010 – Elsevier
differentiate into skeletal muscle. The engineering of myoblasts to produce FVIII was
performed by screening for positive clones with supernatant secretion of canine FVIII
via ELISA (Affinity Biologicals). The medium were supplemented

MP Kolind, PL Nørby, TV Flintegaard… – Journal of …, 2010 – Elsevier
New England Biolabs), pCR ® -Blunt II-TOPO ® vector (Invitrogen), pTT5 vector (National Research Council Canada), Fectin293 (Invitrogen), HEK293 cells (FreeStyle HEK-293-F cells), FreeStyle Medium, DMEM (Invitrogen) FVIII ELISA kit (Affinity Biologicals)

D Green, N Foiles, C Chan, J Kang, PJ Schreiner… – Stroke, 2010 – Am Heart Assoc
FVIII antigen was assayed in EDTA plasma using the VisuLize FVIII Antigen Kit (Affinity Biologicals), which uses a double-antibody ELISA. Von Willebrand factor (vWF) antigen was

R Gheisari, B Bomke, T Hoffmann… – Hämostaseologie, 2010 – schattauer.de
FVIII : Ag was determined by ELISA (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON, Canada) accordingly to the manufacture’s instructions. Mixing studies with patient and normal plasma

A Thakur, R Sengupta, H Matsui… – … Research Part B: …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library
ELISA assay for cFVIII measurement. Canine FVIII secretion was quantified using a cFVIII-specific ELISA kit (Affinity Biologicals, Hamilton, Canada), using normal pooled canine plasma (Central Animal Facilities, McMaster University) to generate the standard curves. RESULTS.

MB Irigoyen, L Primiani, M Felippo, M Candela… – …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library
Preparations were stable at least for 1 year. rFVIII binding to microspheres was checked by adding to 2.5 μL of each FVIII-m and control-m, 5 μL of a 1/500 dilution of biotinylated sheep IgG anti-human factor VIII (Affinity Biologicals Inc., Ancaster, Ontario, Canada).

W Xu, J Chen, G Yamasaki, JE Murphy… – Molecular biotechnology, 2010 – Springer
FVIII ELISA Assay The FVIII protein concentration in TCF was estimated by a FVIII
ELISA. The ELISA assay was performed by using a matched-pair antibody set for
human FVIII (Cat# F8C- EIA, Affinity Biologicals Inc.). Briefly

NC Josephson – US Patent App. 20,100/233,119, 2010 – freepatentsonline.com
FYIII Protein Expression. FVIII protein production by transduced fibroblasts was measured in culture media with an ELISA kit per manufacturer’s instructions (Matched-Pair Antibody Set for ELISA of hFVIII antigen, Affinity Biologicals, INC, Ancaster, ON, Canada).

S Bang, L Thim… – US Patent App. 20,100/ …, 2010 – freepatentsonline.com
FVIII concentration in mU/ml. ELISA Assay. Factor VIII antigen was determined using
the commercial ELISA kit from Affinity Biologicals (VisuLize Factor VIII Antigen Kit,
Lot AG8-0006) essentially as described by the manufacturer.

J Sivalingam, S Krishnan, WH Ng, SS Lee… – Molecular …, 2010 – nature.com
Sweden) and the recommended protocol. Human-specific FVIII levels were
quantitated in citrated mouse plasma using an ELISA kit (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada). Assessment of phenotypic correction was

SS Dhadwar, J Kiernan, J Wen… – Journal of Thrombosis …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library
mice. Briefly, wells were coated first with goat anti-canine FVIII capture antibody
(Affinity Biologicals), followed by normal canine plasma and finally mouse plasma

HJ Jeon, TK Oh, OH Kim… – Yonsei Medical Journal, 2010 – ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
The plasma concentration of human FVIII was measured by ELISA as described by the manufacturer (Affinity Biologicals, Hamilton, ON,


JH Foley… – Journal of Thrombosis and …, 2009 – Wiley Online Library
the Kingston General Hospital (KGH) in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and FVIII-deficient plasma (FVIII-DP) was purchased from Affinity Biologicals, Inc

L Liu, H Liu, C Mah… – Gene therapy, 2009 – nature.com
prepared and stained with antibodies against FVIII (polyclonal, affinity-purified, sheep anti-human FVIII at 1:500 dilution, from Affinity Biologicals Inc., Ancaster