Custom Plasmas for Proficiency Testing Materials

Affinity Biologicals Inc. may be best known for affinity-purified antibodies and ELISA kits, but a significant portion of our manufacturing activity is the production of disease-state plasmas and controls.  We have expanded our plasma manufacturing capacity to include lyophilized Proficiency Testing (PT) materials.  As a major supplier of bulk intermediates for use in diagnostics manufacturing, and working relationships with proficiency testing organizations, we have focused our manufacturing to customize plasmas to your survey specifications.

Examples of Custom Plasma Products for Proficiency Testing Surveys
  • D-Dimer Plasmas
  • Unfractionated Heparin Spiked Plasmas
  • Lupus Anticoagulant Positive Plasmas
  • Factor V Leiden Plasma (heterozygous)
  • Coumadin Plasma
  • Inhibitor Plasmas, FVIII Inhibitor type II
  • VWD Plasmas
  • Low & High Fibrinogen Control Plasmas
  • Single & Double depleted Plasmas
  • Normal & Abnormal (multiple level) Control Plasmas
  • Other artificial disease state plasmas

*All plasma used in production is of USA origin and tested negative for Hepatitis-B, HCV and HIV.  All antibodies are sourced internally.


Affinity would be pleased to quote on your organization’s coagulation proficiency testing materials and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your current and future plasma requirements. Let our extensive technical and manufacturing experience provide value and a competitive price to your survey.  All inquiries are confidential.


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