Kininogen – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


Y Qian, J Pan, X Zhou, DE Hourcade… – Clinical and Applied …, 2010 –
NMR in our laboratory as described.8 All factor-depleted plasmas and antibodies used in this study were from Affinity Biologicals, Inc. (Ontario, Canada). The factor- depleted plasmas included prothrombin-depleted, kallikrein-depleted, FXII-depleted, kininogen– depleted, FIX

J Pan, Y Qian, P Weiser, X Zhou, H Lu… – Progress in Molecular …, 2010 – Elsevier
27 All antibodies in this study are from Affinity Biologicals, Inc. including sheep anti-human thrombin, sheep anti-human prothrombin, sheep anti-human prekallikrein, sheep anti-human Kininogen, and sheep anti-human C1 inhibitor.