Launching an Improved Range of Visulize™ Antigen ELISA Kits, Affinity Biologicals Inc. Simplifies Quantitative Assays of Hemostasis and Thrombosis-Related Proteins

Affinity Biologicals Inc. Makes a Valuable Addition to the Family of ELISA Kits With VisuLize™ Antigen Kits

Affinity Biologicals, a leading name in the research and diagnostics industry, has recently introduced an upgraded collection of ELISA Kits to add ease and efficiency to quantitative and qualitative assessments. The company manufactures quality, reliable reagents for different research and diagnostic applications. With this improved product range, Affinity Biologicals have widened the scope and usage of ELISA Kits.

The ELISA Kits offered by Affinity Biologicals allow specificand accurate quantitative and qualitative measurements of hemostasis and thrombosis-related proteins. When requested to discuss the key features of these kits, the official representative of Affinity Biologicals said, “With these kits, it is possible to assess and measure chemokines, cytokines, immunoglobulins, phosphorylated targets, immunological factors, and growth factors. Biological samples that can be used with these kits include plasma, cell lysates, cell culture supernatants, and serum.”

According to the spokesperson,Visulize™ Elisa Kits can be used to assess Factor VIII, Factor IX, Factor XI, and TAFI antigens in human plasma samples. “We are currently offering four key products in different categories. These products are VisuLize™ Factor VIII Antigen ELISA Kit, VisuLize™ Factor IX Antigen ELISA Kit, VisuLize™ Factor XI Antigen ELISA Kit and VisuLize™ TAFI Antigen ELISA Kit.All these ELISA Kits ensure accurate, sensitivity to data, and consistent performance,” the spokesperson further added.

Affinity Biologicals offers FDA-approved VisuLize™ FIX Antigen Kit and VisuLize™ FVIII Antigen Kit. These products are also CE-marked and certified by the Indian Ministry of Health and Health Canada. To learn more about the company’s offered products and services, please visit

About Affinity Biologicals Inc.

Affinity Biologicals is a renowned name associated with the medical research and diagnostics industry since 1987. The company has manufactured over 250 reagents used internationally in the research and diagnostics of hemostasis and thrombosis to date. The product range of Affinity Biologicals include coagulation antibodies, deficient plasmas, antibody sets of ELISA, control plasmas, custom plasmas, and factor inhibitor plasmas.

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