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Lyophilized Deficient Plasma

Our line of Lyophilized Deficient Plasma is similar to their frozen deficient plasma counterparts except that they have been freeze dried and contain 50 mM HEPES and stabilizers. Lyophilization of human plasma provides a convenient and economical alternative for shipping and storing product. Lyophilized Deficient Plasma are easily reconstituted with water, shipped at ambient temperatures and stored long term at 2-8ºC.  Each vial is lyophilized from 1 mL of deficient plasma.

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Don’t forget your Controls…

Don’t see the Deficient Plasma or Control Plasma you need for your project?

Visit our Custom Plasma Manufacturing page to see the various types of Deficient Plasma and Controls we can offer:  Double, Triple or Quadruple Deficient Plasmas and Specialized Spiked Plasmas for use as positive controls.

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