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Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA – EIA

The following products consist of matched capture and detecting antibodies for the preparation of ELISA assays for most coagulation and hemostasis related antigens. The product insert provides recipes and sources for materials required but not provided. The VisuLize Buffer Pak compliments most of our Matched-Pair Antibody Sets to aid in the preparation and performance of ELISA assays. Our Matched-Pair Antibody Sets are intended to facilitate the end user in establishing an in-house immunoassay for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications. Assay validation is the responsibility of the end user.

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Individual Matched Pair Antibody Set – Listing

DescriptionCatalogue No.Size
FibrinogenFG-EIA5 plates
Murine FibrinogenMFG-EIA4 plates
Prothrombin - Factor IIFII-EIA5 plates
Factor VFV-EIA5 plates
Factor VIIFVII-EIA5 plates
Factor VIII:CF8C-EIA4 plates
Canine Factor VIII:CCFVIII-EIA4 plates
vWF - von Willebrand FactorVWF-EIA5 plates
Factor IXFIX-EIA5 plates
Canine Factor IXCFIX-EIA4 plates
Factor XFX-EIA5 plates
Factor XIFXI-EIA5 plates
Factor XIIFXII-EIA5 plates
PrekallikreinPK-EIA4 plates
Factor XIIIFXIII-EIA5 plates
Protein CPC-EIA5 plates
Alpha-1-AntitrypsinA1AT-EIA5 plates
Protein SPS-EIA5 plates
ATIII - AntithrombinATIII-EIA5 plates
TAT - Thrombin - Antithrombin ComplexTAT-EIA5 plates
Beta-2-Glycoprotein-1 (APOH)APOH-EIA5 plates
PlasminogenPG-EIA5 plates
tPA - Tissue Plasminogen ActivatorTPA-EIA5 plates
Neutralization of ATIIIAT-NU1010 det.
EIA Accessories
VisuLize Buffer PakEIA-PAK-15 plates

Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA – EIA Sets

VisuLize Buffer Pak

Our Buffer Pak consists of assay plates, general purpose buffers and materials for the preparation and performance of ELISA assays. This Buffer Pak provides sufficient reagents for 5 x 96 well assays.

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