Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA – EIA Sets


Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA – EIA


Capture and Detecting Matched-Pair Antibodies for ELISA

The following products consist of matched capture and detecting antibodies for the preparation of ELISA assays for most coagulation and hemostasis related antigens. The product insert provides recipes and sources for materials required but not provided. The VisuCal Antigen Calibrator Plasma and the VisuLize Buffer Pak are ancillary products to our Matched-Pair Antibody Sets to aid in the preparation and performance of ELISA assays. These products are intended to facilitate the end user in establishing an in-house immunoassay for Research Use Only and must not be used for diagnostic applications. Assay validation is the responsibility of the end user.

VisuCal Antigen Calibrator VisuLize Buffer Pak EIA – Compatibility Matrix

Matched-Pair Antibody Sets for ELISA

For Determination of: Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
Fibrinogen FG-EIA 5 plates
Murine Fibrinogen MFG-EIA 4 plates
Rabbit Fibrinogen RBFG-EIA 4 plates
Prothrombin FII-EIA 5 plates
Factor V FV-EIA 5 plates Factor V (FV, F5) - matched pair antibodies for ELISA - Affinity Biologicals
Factor VII FVII-EIA 5 plates VII (FVII, F7) - polyconal antibody - purified IgG - Affinity Bioloigcals.htm
Factor VIII:C F8C-EIA 4 plates
Canine FVIII:C CFVIII-EIA 4 plates
von Willebrand Factor VWF-EIA 5 plates
Factor IX FIX-EIA 5 plates
Canine Factor IX CFIX-EIA 4 plates
Factor X FX-EIA 5 plates
Murine Factor X MFX-EIA 4 plates
Factor XI FXI-EIA 5 plates
Factor XII FXII-EIA 5 plates
Kininogen – inquiry for availability KN-EIA 4 plates
Prekallikrein PK-EIA 4 plates
Factor XIII FXIII-EIA 5 plates
Protein C PC-EIA 5 plates
Protein C Inhibitor PCI-EIA 5 plates
APC-Protein C Inhibitor Complex APCPCI-EIA 5 plates
Alpha 1 Antitrypsin A1AT-EIA 5 plates
Protein S PS-EIA 5 plates
Antithrombin ATIII-EIA 5 plates
Murine Antithrombin MATIII-EIA 4 plates
Thrombin-Antithrombin Complex TAT-EIA 5 plates
Heparin Cofactor II HCII-EIA 4 plates
Thrombin-Heparin Cofactor II Complex THCII-EIA 5 plates
Beta 2 Glycoprotein-1 (Apolipoprotein-H, APO-H) APOH-EIA 5 plates
Plasminogen PG-EIA 5 plates
Murine Plasminogen MPG-EIA 4 plates
Tissue Plasminogen Activator TPA-EIA 5 plates
Matched Pair Inhibitor and Control Antibodies
– For Neutralization of Antithrombin AT-NU10 10 det.