Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibodies

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. manufactures a broad range of Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibodies which can be found in the listing below.   Further information about each individual Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibody is available by following the associated links.  Our Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibodies are excellent for use in immunoassays where high sensitivity is required and are frequently the preferred reagent for immunopreciptaion techniques and activity neutralization assays.  These antibodies have proven to be extremely useful in the preparation of immune-adsorbent resins for use in immuno-depletion of specific proteins from plasma as well as immuno-affinity purification of proteins.  Affinity’s Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibodies are manufactured for use in research applications.

Neutrophil Elastase, HumanHostCatalogue No.SizeStatus
Purified IgGSheepSANE-IG10mg vialSpecial Order
Affinity Purified IgGSheepSANE-AP0.5mg vialStocked Item
HRP Conjugated IgGSheepSANE-HRP0.2mg vialStocked Item

Listing of Neutrophil Elastase – ELA-2 Antibodies

Neutrophil elastase – NE

Neutrophil elastase – NE also called elastase-2 or ELA-2 is a powerful serine protease stored in the primary granule of neutrophils.1  This enzyme is synthesized primarily at the promyelocyte stage of neutrophil development in the bone marrow. The human gene for NE is located at 19 p 13.3, and mutations in NE are regarded as the primary cause of cyclic neutropenia and some, but not all, cases of severe congenital neutropenia.2-4

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