Normal Hemostasis Control Plasma

VisuCon-L Coag Screen N

Routine Hemostasis Control Plasmasis a freeze-dried or lyophilized hemostasis control plasma intended for use in the quality control of routine coagulation assays in the normal range. The VisuCon-L Coag Screen N is a citrated human pooled normal plasma collected from a minimum of 20 donors, buffered with 0.05M HEPES buffer, dispensed and lyophilized for reconstitution at a later date. This coagulation control plasma is intended for use in the monitoring of the performance of PT, APTT and fibrinogen assays in the normal range.

Product Features:
  • This product is CE Marked for in vitro diagnostic use.
  • Stable for 24 hours on board or at 2-8°C.
  • Frozen Control Plasmas are easily reconstituted with water and compatible with all coagulation analyzing equipment.
  • The VisuCon-L Coag Screen N is a cost effective solution in routine coagulation testing where assay values are set internally.
Product Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
VisuCon-L Coag Screen N LCSN01 10 x 1ml Normal Pooled Plasma_VisuCon-F Frozen Coag Screen N