Antibodies to PAI-1

PAI-1 (Type-1 Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor), human

Antibody Host Catalogue No. Size Product Insert
purified IgG Sheep SAPAI-IG 10 mg
peroxidase conjugated IgG Sheep SAPAI-HRP 0.2 mg


Description of PAI-1 (Type-1 Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor)

Type I plasminogen activator inhibitor, PAI-1, is a 50 kDa single-chain glycoprotein which belongs to the serine protease inhibitor (SERPIN) family of proteins. The concentration of PAI-1 in normal human plasma is very low, with an average concentration of approximately 20 ng/ml. The plasma concentrations of PAI-1 can be affected by a number of factors including diurnal variations, age, sex, pregnancy, obesity and exercise status. PAI-1 is synthesized by various cell types including endothelial cells, hepatocytes, vascular smooth muscle cells, fibroblasts, mesothelial cells, granulosa cells and malignant cell lines. It is also found in the -granules of platelets as well as plasma. PAI-1 exists in at least three different conformations, including an active form with a half-life of approximately 1 – 3 hours, a latent form and a proteolytically or oxidatively inactivated form. The plasma glycoprotein vitronectin has been shown to bind active PAI-1 and stabilize it in its active conformation, extending its functional half-life to greater than 24 hours. Little specific binding of the latent or inactive forms of PAI-1 to vitronectin occurs. PAI-1 is considered to be the primary regulator of plasminogen activation in vivo. It is the major physiologic inhibitor of both the single chain and two-chain forms of tPA, being able to inhibit the single-chain form at least 10000 times greater than other PAIs.1-3


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