Polyclonal Antibody Production

Affinity Biologicals has 20 years experience making, purifying and labeling antibodies, purifying proteins and developing assays. Antibodies are produced in a provincially licensed research facility. The following prices are in U.S. dollars.

Custom Polyclonal antibody production in sheep or goats:

Standard package for custom polyclonal antibody production consists of a 110 day immunization schedule. All animal costs, maintenance and technical costs are included. Antigen for immunization and testing is provided by the customer. Typical antiserum yield at completion is 700 mL per sheep or 500 mL per goat. Sodium azide is added to antiserum to prevent microbial growth. Shipping is charged at cost.

Standard program pricing (per animal):

Sheep Goat
Single animal $ 1035 $ 1080
For two animals (same antigen and schedule): $ 800 $ 880
Four or more animals (same antigen and schedule) $ 680 $ 725
*Please inquire regarding protocols with shorter immunization schedules.

Additional costs (may not pertain to all immunizations):

Peptide synthesis inquire
Conjugation of peptide to carrier protein (KLH) $ 200

Antibody Purification

Fractionation of IgG from antiserum:

Method involves octanoic acid precipitation, dialysis and ammonium sulphate precipitation steps.

IgG purification up to 299 ml antiserum $ 340
IgG purification from 300 to 1000 ml antiserum $ 450

Affinity purification of IgG on immobilized antigen:

Method involves affinity chromatography of whole IgG on immobilized antigen with the elution of specific antibodies under non-denaturing conditions. Pricing is dependent on the capacity of the antigen resin and the number of affinity-purification cycles required to obtain the required quantity of affinity-purified antibody (APIgG). Please inquire for pricing on your project-specific requirements.


Antibody Conjugations

Peroxidase Conjugation (using horseradish peroxidase), for 5 mg IgG $ 435
Biotin Conjugation (using Sulpho-NHS-LC-LC-Biotin), for 5 mg IgG $ 435
Fluorescein Conjugation (using FITC), for 5 mg IgG $ 435