Published Research Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products – Product Use Library

Over the past 24 years, there have been many published research papers that have used or cited Affinity Biologicals products. The marketing department at Affinity Biologicals are compiling a list of research papers and research related documents that have referenced our products in use. If you wish to have your paper or know of a paper that you would like listed on our site, please contact

Papers are listed under each product family:

Fibrinogen Prothrombin – Factor II Thrombin
Factor V (FV) Factor VII (FVII) Tissue Factor (TF)
Factor VIII (FVIII) von Willebrand Factor (vWF) Factor IX (FIX)
Factor X (FX) Factor XI (FXI) Factor XII (FXII)
Factor XIII (FXIII) Prekallekrein Kininogen
Protein C Protein S
Plasminogen Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) TAFI
Antithrombin (ATIII) Heparin CoFactor II (HCII) PAI-1
Alpha-2-Antiplasmin Protein C Inhibitor Alpha-1-Antitrypsin
Alpha-2-Macroglobulin TF Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI) C1 Inhibitor
Neutrophil Elastase Apolipoprotein-H (APOH)
Vitronectin Vimentin Platelet Factor 4
Platelet Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Purified IgG Secondary Antibodies

Hypercoagulability Markers Predict Thrombosis in Single Ventricle Neonates Undergoing Cardiac Surgery

S Emani, D Zurakowski, CW Baird, FA Pigula… – The Annals of Thoracic …, 2013
Control plasmas were always tested along with patient samples to account for inter-assay variability. Pooled adult normal plasma (Affinity Biologicals Inc, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada) was also tested as an assay control and to obtain normal adult thrombin generation range.