Protein S – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


Phosphorylation of protein S by platelet kinases enhances its activated protein C cofactor activity

F Stavenuiter, AJ Gale, MJ Heeb – The FASEB Journal, 2013
Purified CK1 and CK2 were from New England Biolabs (Ipswich, MA, USA). Human PS- depleted plasma (PSdp) was obtained from Affinity Biologicals (Ancaster, ON, Canada). Kaolin/cephalin was from Boehringer (Mannheim, Germany). Platelet isolation and activation


Protein C, protein S and von Willebrand factor levels correlate with bleeding symptoms: a population‐based study

P Rojnuckarin, N Uaprasert, B Akkawat… – Haemophilia, 2011
After washing, 0.43 μg mL )1 HRP-conjugated anti-PS (Affinity Biologicals Inc., Ancaster, ON,Canada) was added followed by a chromogenic substrate (Sigma) with H2O2. Finally, the absorbance at 492nm was read for concentration calculation using standard curves.

Activated protein C cofactor function of protein S: a novel function for

HRM Panico, JTB Crawley… – 2011 –
phospholipid vesicles (DOPS/DOPC/DOPE, 20:60:20), and bound protein S was detected using a polyclonal peroxidase conjugated anti-protein S antibody (Affinity biologicals). Thrombin generation was initiated in protein S depleted plasma (Affinity Biologicals) by 1pM tissue


HM Andersson, MJ Arantes… – …, 2010 –
Protein S partially purified by barium citrate precipitation, 0 to 120nM, was incubated in the wells in duplicate for 2 hours and was detected with an HRP-conjugated anti–protein S antibody for 45 minutes (Affinity Biologicals).

N Fernandes, LO Mosnier, L Tonnu… – Journal of Thrombosis …, 2010 – Wiley Online Library
Rabbit neutralizing antibody against TFPI was a kind gift from SL Rapaport, L. Vijay Mohan Rao, and B. Warn-Cramer, formerly of the UCSD School of Medicine. PS-depleted plasma and pooled normal human plasma were from Affinity Biologicals (Hamilton, ON, Canada).