Purified IgG – Published Papers Using Affinity Biologicals Products


Potential factors influencing the development of thrombocytopenia and consumptive coagulopathy after genetically modified pig liver xenotransplantation

B Ekser, CC Lin, C Long, GJ Echeverri, H Hara… – Transplant International, 2012

Flow cytometry to detect TF antigen and microparticles. Baboon platelets and PBMCs were incubated with polyclonal sheep anti-human TF (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON, Canada) or control sheep IgG (Affinity Biologicals) antibodies for 30 min.


Histidine-rich glycoprotein binds fibrin (ogen) with high affinity and competes with thrombin for binding to the γ′-chain

TT Vu, AR Stafford, BA Leslie, PY Kim… – Journal of Biological …, 2011
Non-immune sheep IgG and a human HRG-directed IgG from sheep were prepared by Affinity Biologicals (Ancaster, ON) and the HRG-specific IgG fraction was isolated by affinity chromatography using immobilized HRG (24).


NK Parelkar, N Silswal, K Jansen, J Vaughn… – … of Pharmacology and …, 2010 – ASPET
and 10% BSA for 1 h. Sections were incubated overnight at 4°C with either a rabbit anti-TRAAK antibody (BIOMOL Research Laboratories, Plymouth Meeting, PA) at 8 ng ml −1 in blocking bufferor an equivalent amount of rabbit nonimmune IgG (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, ON