The Factor VII Antigen ELISA Kit from Affinity Biologicals Inc. – A Complete ELISA kit and Alternative to the Factor VII Paired-antibody Set

In their efforts to improve quantitative thrombosis and hemostasis research, Affinity Biologicals Inc. recently introduced the new Factor VII Antigen ELISA kit – an alternative to their current Factor VII paired-antibody product.

Similar to Affinity’s Factor VIII (FVIII, F8) antigen Elisa which measures the quantity of Factor VIII in human plasma, thereby identifying whether there is a deficiency that can lead to Hemophilia A and thrombophilia.

The complete Factor VII Antigen ELISA kit measures total human Factor VII antigen in human plasmas samples to less than 1% of Factor VII. This kit can be used in research of Factor VII congenital deficiencies as well as other Factor VII related diseases.

Additional information about the VisuLizeTM FVII Antigen kit:
  • Rapid polyclonal based sandwich ELISA
  • 2 hour total incubation time
  • Normal and low control provided
  • Intra-assay precision
As with many of Affinity Biologicals Inc.’s products, it is important for customers to remember that the Factor VII Antigen ELISA kit should only be used for thrombosis and hemostasis research, not diagnostic procedures. To learn more about Affinity Biologicals Inc. and all of their products visit their website today at

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