Vitronectin – Published Papers using Affinity Biologicals Products


Granzyme B degrades extracellular matrix and contributes to delayed wound closure in apolipoprotein E knockout mice

PR Hiebert, D Wu, DJ Granville – Cell Death & Differentiation, 2013

Membranes were blocked for 1 h using 2.5% skim milk followed by overnight incubation with rabbit anti-fibronectin antibody (Abcam) or sheep anti-vitronectin antibody (Affinity Biologicals Inc., Ancaster, Ontario, Canada) at a 1 : 1500 dilution in 2.5% skim milk. … 



K Smolarczyk, J Boncela, J Szymanski… – … , and vascular biology, 2005 – Am Heart Assoc
Affinity-purified sheep anti-human vitronectin IgG (SAHVn) was obtained from Affinity Biologicals (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)