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Critical role for peripherally-derived interleukin-10 in mediating the thermoregulatory manifestations of fever and hypothermia in severe forms of lipopolysaccharide- …

LM Harden, C Rummel, HP Laburn, J Damm… – Pflügers Archiv-European …, 2013

sc-109; Santa Cruz Biotechnology, CA, USA) and the anti- sheep von Willebrand factor (vW) polyclonal IgG (1:3000; SARTW-IG, Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada) in blocking solution for 20–22 h at 4 °C followed by three successive washes in PBS and … 


An ELISA for the quantitation of von Willebrand Factor: Osteoprotegerin complexes in plasma

PJ Vinholt, M Overgaard, ACP Diederichsen, H Mickley… – Thrombosis Research, 2013
VWF-deficient plasma was from Affinity Biologicals, Inc, Ontario, Canada and was made from citrated normal plasma depleted using antibodies directed against von Willebrand factor. Phosphate buffered saline served as background. Determination of VWF:OPG by ELISA.


JMEM Cosemans, SEM Schols… – …, 2011 – bloodjournal.hematologylibrary.org
Apyrase, bovine serum albumin (BSA), and prostaglandin E 1 (PGE 1 ) were obtained
from Sigma-Aldrich; and VWF-deficient plasma from Affinity Biologicals. Ristocetin

K Schram, R Ganguly, EK No, X Fang… – Endocrinology, 2011 – Endocrine Soc
the observation that less than 1% of total isolated cells contained cardiomyocytes, determined by anti-MF20 antibody (a kind gift from John McDermott, York University), or endothelial cells, determined by anti-Von Willebrand factor antibody (Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Ontario

M Karlman, M Holmström… – Thrombosis research, 2011 – Elsevier
Partially purified VWF was obtained by fractionation of plasma to fraction I-0 [12]. Plasma, deficient in VWF was obtained from Affinity Biologicals (Ancaster, Ontario Canada). All other chemicals or reagents used were of high analytical quality. Sample preparation.

J Damm, GN Luheshi, R Gerstberger… – The Journal of …, 2011 – Wiley Online Library
vWF, Purified human plasma von Willebrand factor, Rabbit polyclonal IgG, 1:2,000, 008202, Dako Deutschland GmbH, Hamburg, Germany. vWF, Purified rat plasma von Willebrand factor, Sheep polyclonal IgG, 1:3,000, SARTW-IG, Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada.

C Knorr, D Marks, R Gerstberger, PF Muhlradt… – Neuroscience …, 2010 – Elsevier
Therefore, we aimed to co-localize putative MALP-2-induced COX-2-, NFκB- or STAT3
immunoreactivity with the endothelial cell marker von Willebrand factor (sheep anti-rat
anti-vWF antibody; 1:3000; SARTW-HRP, Affinity Biologicals, Ancaster, Canada).