Sheep anti-human Factor VIII

Peroxidase Conjugated IgG

0.2 mg


Product #:           SAF8C-HRP

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Store at –10 to -20oC




For Research Use Only.

Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



Description of Factor VIII (F.VIII)

Factor VIII (formerly referred to as antihemophilic globulin and Factor VIII:C) is a large glycoprotein (320 kDa) that circulates in plasma at approximately 200 ng/ml.  Synthesized in the liver, the majority of Factor VIII is cleaved during expression, resulting in a heterogeneous mixture of partially cleaved forms of F.VIII ranging in size from 200-280 kDa.  The F.VIII is stabilized by association with von Willebrand Factor to form a F.VIII-vWF complex required for the normal survival of F.VIII in vivo (t1/2 of 8-12 hours).

F.VIII is a pro-cofactor that is activated through limited proteolysis by thrombin.  In this process F.VIIIa dissociates from vWF to combine with activated Factor IX, calcium and a phospholipid surface where it is an essential cofactor in the assembly of the Factor X activator complex.  Once dissociated from vWF, F.VIIIa is susceptible to inactivation by activated Protein C and by non-enzymatic decay.

Hemophilia A is a congenital bleeding disorder resulting from an X-chromosome-linked deficiency of F.VIII.  The severity of the deficiency generally correlates with the severity of the disease.  Some Hemophiliacs (~10%) produce a F.VIII protein that is partially or totally inactive.  The production of neutralizing antibodies to F.VIII also occurs in 5-20% of Hemophiliacs 1-3.        



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3. Pittman DD, Kaufman RJ.  Structure-Function Relationships of Factor VIII Elucidated through Recombinant DNA Technology.  Thromb. Haemostas. 61:161-165, 1989.






Product Specifications



Vial containing       ml of IgG conjugated to horseradish

peroxidase (HRP) through carbohydrate groups.

Total protein is 0.2 mg.



IgG-HRP conjugate as a clear, slightly red-brown liquid.


Host Animal:




Human F.VIII (F.VIII:C) purified from concentrate.



IgG-HRP concentration is       mg/ml, determined by

absorbance using an extinction coefficient (E1%280) of 14.



A buffered stabilizer solution containing 50% (v/v) glycerol.



Store between –10 and –20oC.  Product will become viscous

but will not freeze.  Avoid storage in frost-free freezers.  Keep

vial tightly capped.  Allow product to warm to room

temperature and gently mix before use.  Avoid exposure to

sodium azide as this is an inhibitor of peroxidase activity.



Prior to conjugation, this antibody was specific for F.VIII as

demonstrated by immunoelectrophoresis and ELISA.  When titrated on vWF-coated plates, the unconjugated SAF8C-IG does not demonstrate any reactivity above the non-immune sheep negative control.



Suitable as a source of peroxidase-labeled antibodies to F.VIII.


Rz Ratio (Reinheitszahl, A403/A280):

      as determined spectrophotometrically.


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