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Canine Factor VIII Paired Antibody Set

Paired Antibody Sets

Affinity’s Canine Factor VIII Paired Antibody Set consists of matched capture and detecting antibodies that have been titrated and optimized for use in sandwich style ELISA assays. The product as provided contains sufficient capture and detecting antibodies for four full 96-well microplates and contains a detailed protocol sheet containing directions for use, recipes for solutions and sources for additional materials required. This Canine Factor VIII (FVIII) Paired Antibody Set is intended to facilitate the end user in establishing an “in-house” immunoassay for research purposes only and must not be used for diagnostic applications. Assay validation is the responsibility of the end user.

Supplied Materials:

  • Capture Antibody (CFVIII-EIA-C): One yellow-capped vial containing 0.4 mL of polyclonal purified anti-canine FVIII antibody for coating plates
  • Detecting Antibody (CFVIII-EIA-D): Four neutral-capped tubes each containing 10.0 mL of pre-diluted peroxidase conjugated polyclonal anti-canine FVIII antibody for detection of captured cFVIII
  • Sample Diluent (CFVIII-EIA-SD): 100.0 mL bottle containing a green-colored diluent optimized for dilution of samples


Storage and Shelf Life


between 2°C and 8°C




Please inquire

Available Formats

Cat # Format

1 x 0.4 mL Capture Antibody (CFVIII-EIA-C)

4 x 10.0 mL Detecting Antibody (CFVIII-EIA-D)

1 x 100.0 mL Sample Diluent (CFVIII-EIA-SD)

For Research Use Only.
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