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Factor XII Inhibitor Plasma – Frozen

Factor Inhibitor Plasmas

Factor XII Inhibitor Plasma is manufactured from normal citrated human plasma depleted of Factor XII (FXII) using antibodies directed to FXII immobilized on agarose beads. A polyclonal antibody inhibitory to FXII has been added to provide FXII neutralizing activity. The neutralizing antibody activity is determined by Nijmegen-modified Bethesda Inhibitor Assay and has values reported in Bethesda Units. Our Factor XII Inhibitor Plasma is produced with a mild inhibitor titre or neutralizing activity ranging from 1 BU/mL to 10 BU/mL and is available in frozen 1.0 mL vials or in a bulk frozen format.

Only the highest quality citrated plasma is used as starting material. Our Factor XII Inhibitor Plasma can be used for further manufacturing or research use only applications.

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Storage and Shelf Life


below -60°C




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Available Formats

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1.0 mL vials to bulk volumes

For Research Use Only.
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