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Rabbit Thrombin Polyclonal Antibody – Affinity Purified


Affinity’s Rabbit Thrombin Polyclonal Antibody – Affinity Purified is the highest level of our Rabbit Thrombin antibody family. During the Antigen Affinity Purification process the IgG has had any non-specific immunoglobulin fraction eliminated which enriches the specificity of the remaining immunoglobulin towards the target antigen. The result is a very high-purity product with a substantially higher titre than whole or purified IgG. Our Rabbit Thrombin Polyclonal Antibody – Affinity Purified is provided in a solution of HEPES buffered saline containing 50% glycerol (v/v) and is intended for applications such as immunoblotting, immunostaining of cells and several types of immunoassays where the higher signal-to-noise ratio achieved with this enriched product is required.

Host Animal: Sheep

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Storage and Shelf Life


between -10°C and -20°C




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Available Formats

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1 x 0.5 mg

For Research Use Only.
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