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Antibody Concentration Ranges for ELISA, Immunoblotting and Immunohistochemistry Applications

The optimal concentration of antibody for any particular application will vary depending on the antibody format as well as the detection method used. ABI strongly suggests that each antibody be titrated by the end user to determine the optimal working concentration for each particular application. However, based on our experience we can make some general recommendations regarding antibody concentration ranges that can be used as a starting point in optimizing assay conditions.

The following chart contains general recommendations only and may not apply to all our products.

FormatImmunoblotting (ECL detection)ELISA (capture)ELISA (detecting)
Whole IgG (IG)5-25 ug/ml20-50 ug/mlNA
Affinity-Purified (AP-IgG)0.5-5 ug/ml10 ug/mlNA
IgG Peroxidase (HRP)5 ug/mlNA10 ug/ml
AP-IgG Peroxidase (AP-HRP)1 ug/mlNA2 ug/ml

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