Hemostasis Thrombosis Fibrinolysis

Affinity Biologicals, Inc. is a primary manufacturer of products used worldwide in thrombosis and hemostasis research and diagnostics. Our products include an extensive line of antibodies, conjugates, antibody pairs for immunoassay of human and animal analytes, the VisuLize line of complete ELISA kits, and a full line of human plasma products including VisuDep Immune-Depleted Factor-Deficient Plasmas, VisuCal Calibrator Plasma and VisuCon Control Plasmas. Services include protein purification, antibody production, assay development, custom manufacturing including custom lyophilization and proficiency testing materials.

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Affinity Biologicals Turns 30 Years

Still going strong after 30 years of business! Visit our timeline to see some of our memories and the milestones we’ve passed over the years.

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Innovation Through Collaboration

In November 2018, Affinity Biologicals was acquired by Precision Biologic.  Together, we are advancing hemostasis diagnostics and research.  Combining scientific depth and precise manufacturing, this merging of expertise strengthens our position as the gold standard for those looking for innovation and accuracy in hemostasis.

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